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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 1,365,411 January 11, 1921 Guy Clamp
A strong and durable guy strain clamp.
KEARNEY, Samuel G.
U 1,371,855 March 15, 1921 Insulator
Self-tying slot top
BULLER, Henry W.
Self-tying Slot Top  
U 1,373,519 April 5, 1921 Lightning Rod Connector
Lightning rod coupling composed of a Y-shaped channel to hold the conductor and provide two connections
MEYER, George
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 1,373,576 April 5, 1921 Electric Insulator
Suspension insulator composed of several parts to withstand tension
THOMAS, Percy H.
U 1,374,029 April 5, 1921 Tone Foot for Phonographs
A rubber base with glass insert to support phonograph legs
PRICKETT, William H.
U Specimen known 1,381,594 June 14, 1921 Strain-Insulator Sign
Combination strain insulator and sign to indicate voltage, etc. Car-Stop They were made by the American Porcelain Co.
SAUEREISEN, Christian F.
U 1,381,695 June 14, 1921 Porcelain Tube Heading Machine
Machine for making wall tubes
BEATTY, Thomas W.
Wall Tube  
U 1,381,838 June 14, 1921 Insulator Support
Steel pins for crossarm made from one metal rod integral to the wooden crossarm and acts a braces for the crossarm.
U 1,382,483 June 21, 1921 Electric Line Wire Insulator
Self-tying slot top with circular slot
Self-tying Slot Top  
U 1,384,214 July 12, 1921 Insulator
Self-tying by means of an upper and lower cylindrical block fitted into a hole and secured with a screw plug.
SANDS, Richard
U 1,385,638 July 26, 1921 Supporting Bracket
Steel pin with lag screw and spring for threads
MILLER, Charles E.
U 1,388,217 August 23, 1921 Insulator
Metal cap to secure conductor to the top of the insulator
THOMAS, Cyril H.
U 1,390,118 September 6, 1921 Insulator
FRIDRICHSEN, Peter Christian Carl
U 1,398,937 November 29, 1921 Suspension Insulator
A suspension insulator with pressed on metal cap and special pin that does not require cement.
 General Electric Co.
U 1,375,974 April 26, 1921 Insulator Connector
Links for Hewlett suspension disks
PIERCE, Henry T.
MCPHEE, Angus D.
Suspension General Electric Co.
 H. M. Byllesby & Co.
U 1,393,330 October 11, 1921 Electrical Insulator
Links for Hewlett suspension disks (see 1,110,934)
WELCH, Walter J.
TRACY, Atlee H.
Suspension H. M. Byllesby & Co.
 The Ohio Brass Co.
D Specimen known 59,947 December 13, 1921 Design for an Insulator
AUSTIN, Arthur O.
Strain The Ohio Brass Co.
 The R. Thomas & Sons Co.
U 1,378,667 May 17, 1921 Cable Clamp
Cable clamp to hold the conductor under the insulator.
ECKERT, Grandon E.
Clamp The R. Thomas & Sons Co.
 Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
U Specimen known 1,374,998 April 19, 1921 Insulator
Multipart porcelain insulator of Faradoid design (spelling for other patents: GILCHREST, George Irving)
FORTESCUE, Charles Le G.
Multipart Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co.
 Wheeling Tile Co.
U 1,376,307 April 26, 1921 Insulator
AMOS, Frank M.
Knob Wheeling Tile Co.

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