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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
 John A. Menager
U 1,036,136 August 20, 1912 Tool for Stringing Line Wires
Special bracket that fits around the insulator and crossarm to loosely hold the line wire during stringing and before the line is tied to the insulator
Bracket 91/100 to John A. Menager
 Edison General Electric Co.
U 461,109 October 13, 1891 Device for Stretching Heavy Wires on Poles
Mechanical device mounted on the crossarm with a roller to aid in stretching wires before they are attached to insulators.
BALL, Henry Price
Wire Stretcher Edison General Electric Co.
 Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.
U 2,301,266 November 10, 1942 Method and Means for Transposing Electrical Conductors
Tensioning device before and after transposition brackets for carrier circuits
FOX, Arthur L.
Transposition Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.
 American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
U Specimen known 1,563,377 December 1, 1925 Pulling and Transposing Mechanism for Line Wires
Mechanism for pulling multiple wires in order to string them for transposing.
KLEIN, Charles H.
Equipment American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
U 400,552 April 2, 1889 Telegraph Wire Carrier
Two spools mounted together to secure telegraph wire between them and mounted on a crossarm
U 530,361 December 4, 1894 Tool for Lineman's Use
Lineman's tool to remove or apply the tie wire loop on an insulator
SMITH, Solomon
MISHLER, Milton B.
U 588,048 August 10, 1897 Insulator for Wires
Knob with grooves and bracket
ASHBY, George
U 1,048,706 December 31, 1912 Bracket for Current Conducting Wires
Side pin with notch cut out to allow a splice to pull through before mounting wire on the glass insulators
U 2,082,507 June 1, 1937 Pole for Pin
Pole top pin with hook to support wire during stringing
U 2,684,228 July 20, 1954 Electric Line Stringing Device
Metal shaped like an open circle mounted temporarily on a corner pin to allow easy stringing of the line without possible injury to linemen.
DION, Francois Emile

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