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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
 Lightning Rod
U 174,451 March 7, 1876 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lightning rod ground point made of sheet copper arranged concave or fluted
WESTON, James H.
Lightning Rod  
U 175,933 April 11, 1876 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lightning rod made of sheet iron folded over wires with sections joined with slip joints
COLE, Robert S.
Lightning Rod  
U 183,370 October 17, 1876 Improvement in Lightning Rods
Lighning rod connecting sleeve to ground point to allow rainwater to wet the ground around the point and flanges to dissipate the charge
COLE, Robert S.
Lightning Rod  
U 452,983 May 26, 1891 Grounding Device for Lightning Rods
Grounding device for lightning rods
RADFORD, Cassius M.
Lightning Rod  
U 538,603 April 30, 1895 Lightning Rod
Hollow lightning rod with cup to divert water into the lower sections of the rod to improve conduction of current to ground
Lightning Rod  
U 940,742 November 23, 1909 Water Retaining and Conveying Attachment for Cable Lightning Rods
Method of retaining water in the ground to aid in conducting the current to ground
Lightning Rod  
U 984,175 February 14, 1911 Lightning Rod
Means of directing rain water down into the ground tip and retain the water in the ground to aid in conduction of the current to ground
YARIAN, Charles E.
Lightning Rod  
U 1,150,907 August 24, 1915 Lightning Rod Terminal
Lightning rod ground terminal to keep the earth wet to improve conduction to ground
Lightning Rod  
 Lightning Rod Crest
U 951,411 March 8, 1910 Lightning Protector for Buildings
Lightning rod system using a hollow metal crest with multiple points and connected to gutters
Lightning Rod Crest  
 Lightning Rod Fence
U 317,908 May 12, 1885 Electric Conductor for Wire Fence
Lightning protection for wire fence
Lightning Rod Fence  
 Lightning Rod Ground
U 97,496 December 7, 1869 Improvement in Lightning Rods and Conductors
Grounding tip for lightning rod that retains water to improve conduction to ground
GARLICK, Theodotus
Lightning Rod Ground  
 Lightning Rod Point
U 796,760 August 8, 1905 Lightning Conductor
Lightning rod point with multple projections that are plated with platinum and connected to cone-shaped ground rod made of perforated copper sheet and filled with powdered charcoal and buried in a damp layer of soil
PRICE, Frank E.
Lightning Rod Point  

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