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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 2,475,230 July 5, 1949 Conductor Support
Clamp-top design to secure conductor on top of the insulator
FREY, Howard Albert
MCCOY, Robert Leslie
Clamp-top Locke, Inc.
U 2,468,907 May 3, 1949 Electric Fence Post
Electric fence composed of a rod and an easily adjustable insulator to hold the conductor
WILSON, Robert M.
U 2,468,663 April 26, 1949 Article Illuminating Inspection Device For Amber Glass Insulators and Other Hollow Dense Walled Articles of Low Transparency
Insulator inspection device for dark amber insulators
GREEN, Thomas D.
Manufacturing Hartford-Empire Co.
U 2,479,861 August 23, 1949 Land Mine
Land Mine made of glass or ceramic
PASS, Richard H.
OU Onondaga Pottery Co.
U 2,481,729 September 13, 1949 Porcelain Insulator Body
Porcelain clay body with an increased firing range
DEWEY, Benjamin F.
Porcelain Lapp Insulator Co., Inc.
 Wire Holder
U Specimen known 2,466,083 April 5, 1949 Wire Holding Device
Metal strip with alternating slots or ribs to allow the insulated wire to be wrapped in and out of the slots or ribs to securely hold the wire without damaging the insulation covering. One end of the metal strip is fixed to allow it to hang at various angles needed to drop the wire to a building. Lou Hall has a pair of them that are stamped: VINE GRIP followed by PAT. CAN 1949/U.S.A. #2466083
CROSBY, Noble Wellington
Wire Holder Crosby Brothers Manufacturing Co.

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