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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U 1,088,278 February 24, 1914 Rain Guard for Insulators
Protective metal rain guard for bottom of skirt
HOLMES, Minot K.
Protective Shield Hemingray Glass Co.
U 787,442 April 18, 1905 Insulator for Electric Wires
Protective shield
FLYNT, Samuel B.
MAIDEN, Leaman A.
Protective Shield  
U 909,935 January 19, 1909 Protected Insulator
Protective shield
REA, John H. B.
Protective Shield  
U 983,039 January 31, 1911 Insulator Protector
Protective shield
FIELD, John E.
Protective Shield  
U 1,659,731 February 21, 1928 Insulator
Protective shield
GREEN, Estill I.
Protective Shield American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
U 1,678,663 July 31, 1928 Insulator
Protective shield
Protective Shield American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
U 2,135,558 November 8, 1938 Insulator Shield
Protective shield
BOTT, Perry J.
Protective Shield  
U 930,750 August 10, 1909 Insulator
Protective shield & splash preventor on pin under insulator
GRAHAM, Charles M.
Protective Shield  
U 445,008 January 20, 1891 Insulator
Protective shield for trolley hanger insulator
VOGLER, William
Protective Shield  
U 527,317 October 9, 1894 Insulator
Protective shield for wire groove
BULLOCK, Edward J.
Protective Shield  
U 1,010,181 November 28, 1911 Electric Cable Protector
Protective shield mounted on top of the insulator to support the conductor.
SANDFORD, JR., Joseph Addison
Protective Shield The R. Thomas & Sons Co.
U 1,177,867 April 4, 1916 Insulator Protector
Protective shield of metal to protect glass insulator
Protective Shield  
U 1,277,304 August 27, 1918 Metal Protected High Voltage Insulator
Protective shield of metal to protect insulator
GATI, Bila
Protective Shield  
U 566,045 August 18, 1896 Insulator for Electrical Purposes
Protective shield of metal with non-conducting enameled coating
WHITAKER, Alfred J. P.
TREHARNE, Frederick G.
Protective Shield  
U 1,280,172 October 1, 1918 Insulator Protector
Protective shield surrounding the insulator to protect it from damage.
CULLIGAN, Charles A.
Protective Shield  
U 1,176,590 March 21, 1916 Protected Insulator
Two part round or ball-shaped insulator secured with a metal cover. The line wire is clamped between the two insulator parts and the metal protective cover holds the parts securely against the wire.
MOCK, John H.
Protective Shield  

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