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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 402,752 May 7, 1889 Insulator
CD 289.9 (CD 1182), under crossarm type with triple petticoat
LOCKE, Fred M.
LAPP, John
U 411,801 October 1, 1889 Wire Holder and Insulator
U 418,369 December 31, 1889 Screw Cleat for Electric Wires
Cleat (screw) to hold wire
HUFF, George E.
U 396,334 January 15, 1889 Overhead Insulator
Composition ""Gilsonite"" insulator & metal/wood covering (Brown p. 60)
GILSON, Samuel H.
U 415,864 November 26, 1889 Composition for Overhead Insulators
Composition insulator from ""Gilsonite""
GILSON, Samuel H.
U 409,985 August 27, 1889 Composition of Matter
Composition material composed of mica and water glass
LEE, Charles Tennant
Composition 1/2 to The Gould & Watson Co.
U 411,384 September 17, 1889 Packing for Steam Pipes
Composition material used to coat the outside of pipes to act as an insulator against heat
LEE, Charles Tennant
Composition 1/2 to The Gould & Watson Co.
U 400,464 April 2, 1889 Lightning Rod and Coupling
Coupling burr with serrated ends that interlock with the rod sections
LAWSHE, Spencer R.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 395,399 January 1, 1889 Lightning Rod
Coupling for four-pointed lightning rods
MAST, Louis L.
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 406,681 July 9, 1889 Lightning Rod
Coupling with flat resilent spring between the sections
WATTS, John Henry Charles
Lightning Rod Coupling  
U 416,703 December 3, 1889 Glass Furnace
Glass furnace
PEASE, Jacob
Furnace 1/2 to William Brookfield
U 396,847 January 29, 1889 Wire Hook
Insulated hook with four prongs to wrap line wire around
ASHEN, Peter
Hook Sylvester Y. L'Hommedieu & Co.
U 415,504 November 19, 1889 Insulator
Insulator with internal spring to hold tension on the wire
FOWLER, George
U 398,025 February 19, 1889 Insulator
BROWN, Warren C.
U 403,727 May 21, 1889 Insulator
Knob - self-tying
U 401,095 April 9, 1889 Lightning Conductor for Wire Fences
Lightning rod connecting all strands of barbed wire fencing to ground to prevent lightning killing cattle which are standing near the fence
WOOD, Fremont E.
Lightning Rod Fence  
U 414,943 November 12, 1889 Method of Utilizing Natural Electric Energy
Method of capturing electric energy from lightning rods and storing in a battery
DEWEY, Mark W.
Lightning Energy The Dewey Corp.
U 409,986 August 27, 1889 Process of Attaching Composition of Matter to Metal
Method of molding the composition material under pressure in metal parts and allowing it to cool to prevent expansion and create a secure attachment to the metal
LEE, Charles Tennant
Composition 1/2 to The Gould & Watson Co.
U 407,660 July 23, 1889 System of Protection from Lightning
Method of protecting oil tanks from lightning
HILL, Charles F.
Lightning Rod  
U 402,592 May 7, 1889 Electric Wire Insulator
Self-tying screw top
Self-tying Screw Top  
U 408,383 August 6, 1889 Line Wire Insulator
Self-tying with bail wire and slot top
GRAHAM, Carroll G.
Self-tying Miscellaneous  
U 411,749 September 24, 1889 Electric Insulator
Support for overhead wires for electric railways made of a block coated inside with composition material
Composition The Gould & Watson Co. and Charles Tennant Lee
U 402,836 May 7, 1889 Insulator and Holder for Electric Railways
Third rail insulator clamps the rail upsidedown.
Third Rail  
U 410,637 September 10, 1889 Insulator
Tie wire bridle for wire in insulator groove
DAVIS, William M.
Tie Wire  
U 406,041 July 2, 1889 Insulator for Electric Wires
Tie wire cast into insulator
GILL, James C.
Tie Wire Hemingray Glass Co.
U 402,810 May 7, 1889 Supporting and Cross-Connecting Electric Wires
Transposition method using double crossarms with long and short pins
DENVER, William J.
U Specimen known 403,491 May 14, 1889 Insulating Device for Line Wires
Tree hanger split octagon shaped forestry insulator referred to as the Victor
SMITH, Thomas J.
Tree The E. S. Greeley & Co.
U 413,146 October 15, 1889 Insulator
Tree insulator bracket holding wire with two spool type insulator
Tree Charles Lee & The Gould & Watson Co.
U 400,552 April 2, 1889 Telegraph Wire Carrier
Two spools mounted together to secure telegraph wire between them and mounted on a crossarm
U 401,343 April 16, 1889 Electric Wire Nail
U-shaped wire nail that is round at the top to protect the wooden covering over the wire. (see article 12125)
Nail 1/2 to Madison Rush

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