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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
D Specimen known 22,684 August 8, 1893 Design for an Insulator
CD 268.5 top-groove pin type (Dec. 1974 Cross Arm p. 34)
GRAY, Lawrence B.
D 22,876 November 7, 1893 Design for an Insulator
Square flat insulator with large center hole and small hole in each corner
WRIGHT, Augustus
U 489,658 January 10, 1893 Strain Insulator
Strain type
U 489,861 January 10, 1893 Bracket for Electric Light Wires
Bracket for supporting insulators.
BENNETT, George H.
U Specimen known 490,560 January 24, 1893 Insulator
Self-tying screw top
HAUTY, Auguste J.
Insulator 1/3 to John Burke
U 491,208 February 7, 1893 Insulator Clip
Tie wire clip
EDMUNDS, William H.
Tie Wire  
U 491,362 February 7, 1893 Insulator
Clamp type using two blocks
LANE, Augustus R.
Clamp Type  
U 492,394 February 28, 1893 Insulator Bracket
Bracket, adjustable angle with spring end for threads
EICHBERG, William N.
U 492,512 February 28, 1893 Lightning Rod Ball
Hollow glass ball with metal tube inserted that is flanged on each end to secure it in the ball
HUM, Edward K.
Lightning Rod Ornament  
U Specimen known 493,434 March 14, 1893 Insulator Pin
Pin base - hollow cast iron with wood threaded cob (dates metal base)
LOCKE, Fred M.
Pin 1/2 to G. Paddock & W. Page
U 494,286 March 28, 1893 Apparatus for Protecting Buildings from Lightning
System replaces lightning rods by using batteries to put a charge on wires run along the edges of the roof to prevent a lightning strike
BARTLETT, Jonathan B. L.
Lightning Rod  
U 495,552 April 18, 1893 Insulator
Clamp type called the ""Security"" insulator. It was sold by the McLeod, Ward & Co.
HILLS, Louis
Clamp Type  
U 496,081 April 25, 1893 Insulator
Insulator mounted in a slot in the crossarm and secured with a hinged latching cover
WRIGHT, Joseph F.
U Specimen known 496,652 May 2, 1893 Insulator for Telegraph Wires
Drip points Patent was owned by Hemingray Glass Co.
GILL, James C.
U 497,515 May 16, 1893 Insulator
Cleat with metal clip to hold wire
BRADY, Thomas H.
U 498,539 May 30, 1893 Junction-Block for Electric Fixtures
Cut-out or junction block made in a horseshoe shape
DUGGAN, Frederic A.
Fuse Holder  
U 502,614 August 1, 1893 Cleat for Insulated Wires
Cleat - 2 piece
CLARKE, Edward H.
Cleat 1/2 to Solomon Eaton
U 503,039 August 8, 1893 Conductor Support and Insulator
miscellaneous wire support for underground trolley wire & insulator with hole in crown
ESSICK, William B.
U 503,384 August 15, 1893 Cleat for Electric Wires
Cleat - 2 piece
U 503,778 August 22, 1893 Insulator for Electric Wires
Clamp type cylindrical 2 piece
TRIMBLE, William D.
Clamp Type  
U Specimen known 504,059 August 29, 1893 Insulator
CD 141.6, bail type clamping lever to hold line wire
U 505,106 September 19, 1893 Lightning Rod
Lightning rod designed with varying resistance to current flow and gaps between the rod sections to resist the flow of electric current
HODGES, Nathaniel D. C.
Lightning Rod  
U 505,123 September 19, 1893 Insulator Pin
Pin (wooden) strengthened by metal rod
O'NEILL, James J.
U Specimen known 505,215 September 19, 1893 Cleat for Holding a Plurality of Insulated Electric Wires
Cleat (3-wire) - 2 piece known as the B & D cleat for Buffinton and Dow
Cleat 1/2 to Albert F. Dow
U 505,309 September 19, 1893 Insulator Pin and Bracket Machine
Pin - machine for making wooden pins
U Specimen known 505,912 October 3, 1893 Cleat for Holding Insulated Electric Wires
Cleat (2-wire) - 2 piece
Cleat 1/2 to Albert F. Dow
U 506,002 October 3, 1893 Insulating Support for Metallic Circuits
Oil cup insulator to support short crossarm for two insulators
COUSENS, Alfred C.
Oil Charles Stone
U 507,299 October 24, 1893 Trolley Wire Insulator
Cylinder of wood used for trolley wire hanger
Wood 1/2 to Stewart Worden
U 508,068 November 7, 1893 Lightning Conductor
Strong, durable lightning rod easily attached to a building with conductor passing through the hollow casing (also patented in England, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France)
WALCH, Gustav Theodor
Lightning Rod  
U Specimen known 508,687 November 14, 1893 Cleat for Electric Wiring
Cleat (2-wire) - 2 piece
DUGGAN, Frederic A.
U 510,809 December 12, 1893 Insulator Pin
LOCKE, Fred M.
Pin 1/2 to G. Paddock & W. Page
U 510,837 December 12, 1893 Lightning Rod Ornament
Lightning rod ornamental ball with bushing to secure the ball around the rod
COLE, John J.
Lightning Rod Ornament  
U 511,611 December 26, 1893 Insulator
Cleat - self-tying
HAMMOND, Charles N.
Cleat The Hammond Cleat & Insulator Co.
U Specimen known 511,612 December 26, 1893 Insulator
Cleat - self-tying
HAMMOND, Charles N.
Cleat The Hammond Cleat & Insulator Co.

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