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T / S Patent Date Description Patentee Category Assigned To
U Specimen known 1,039,799 October 1, 1912 Insulator Chain for High Pressure Electric Transmission Lines
Suspension chain (pork liver)
PRIESTLEY, Charles M. E.
Suspension Societe Vedovelli Priestley
U 28,263 May 15, 1860 Improved Insulator for Electrodes
Slotted enameled iron ring for holding electrodes
KRAUSS, Ernest F.
U 157,717 December 15, 1874 Improvement in Tempering Glass, and Furnaces Therefor
Tempering glass by dropping into oil (see patent 169,783)
LA BASTIE, Francois B. A. Royer de
U 169,783 November 9, 1875 Improvement in Tempering Glass, and Furnaces Therefor
Method of transferring glass to be tempered (see patent 157,717)
LA BASTIE, Francois B. A. Royer de
U 888,318 May 19, 1908 Third Rail Insulator
Third rail insulator with metal cap to secure the rail.
DELLOYE, Lucien Henri
Third Rail Societe Anonyme des Manufactures Des Glaces et Produits Chimiques de Saint-Gobain
U 930,141 August 3, 1909 Automatic Safety Device
A rotating metal member that catches a broken wire and shorts out the line effectively turning off the power before the line drops to the ground where it could have harmed someone coming in contact with the broken wire.
BOURDIL, Francois Fernand
U 1,861,316 May 31, 1932 Insulator
Suspension (Hewlett type) with oil reservoir
Suspension 1/2 to Societe Gen. D'Entr.
U 1,944,383 January 23, 1934 Oil Bath Insulator
Oil type insulator using oil cup attached to edge of insulator and protective cover attached to prevent contamination from fog or rain
WEILL, Robert
U 2,644,026 June 30, 1953 Radioactive Lightning Protector with Accelerating Elements
Lightning rod with porcelain disk coated with radioactive material
GRENIER, Joseph Pierre
LESCIEUX, Pierre Edouard Eugene
Lightning Rod Ste. Helita

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