Richmond Glass Works, Richmond, Virginia

Capital Value


Publication: The Southern Recorder

Milledgeville, GA, United States
vol. XLV, no. 6, p. 2, col. 5

HOME MANUFACTURERS. The capital of the Richmond, Va., Glass Works is $160,000. Notwithstanding a large share of the profits were used to increase the works, a dividend of ten percent was declared on the business of the first month. It is expected the establishment will pay for itself every month. Facts like these are encouraging. They show that manufacturing enterprises in the Confederacy are and can be made profitable. While those who engage in such pursuits are benefiting themselves, they are also benefiting the public by supplying them with much needed articles. We trust that our capitalists will take courage and form companies for the manufacturing of many other articles that our people stand in want of. Better, by far, make the things we use at home, than import them. By pursuing the former course we are truly independent while if we adopt the latter, we shall always be dependent. Chron. & Sent.


Keywords:Richmond Glass Works : Civil War
Researcher notes:The Richmond Glass Works was most probably the source of the "Confederate Egg" insulators found in Richmond, Virginia.
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