Insulators Listed as Contraband of War

Banned From Commerce in the South


Publication: The Southern Recorder

Milledgeville, GA, United States
vol. XLVI, no. 21, p. 2, col. 5

Direct Trade Restrictions Removed.

The following Executive Order is published among the selected items of the Augusta Chronicle & Sentinel:


EXECUTIVE CHAMBER Washington, April 29


Executive Order. Being desirous to relieve all loyal citizens and well disposed persons residing in the insurrectionary States from unnecessary commercial restrictions, and to encourage them to return to peaceful pursuits.

It is hereby ordered:

First That all restrictions upon international, domestic and coastwise commercial intercourse be discontinued in such parts of the States of Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and so much of Louisiana as lies east of the Mississippi river, as shall be embraced within the lines of the national military occupation, excepting only such restrictions as are imposed by the acts of Congress and regulations in pursuance thereof prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury and approved by the President, and excepting also from the effect of this order the following articles contraband of war, to-wit: arms, ammunition, and all articles from which ammunition is manufactured, gray uniforms and cloth, locomotives, cars, railroad iron, and machinery for operating railroads, telegraph wires, insulators, and instruments for operating telegraph lines.

Second All existing military and naval orders in any manner restricting internal, domestic and coastwise commercial intercourse and trade with, or in the localities above named, be and the same are hereby revoked, and that no military or naval officer in any manner interrupt or interfere with the same.



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