Watts and Company of Baltimore Invented a Novel New Battery Jar Insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegraphic Journal and Electrical Review

London, England
col. 3

MESSRS. WATTS AND CO., of Baltimore, an enterprising firm of telegraph material and electrical apparatus makers, have invented a novel and effective Battery Insulator, of which we give an illustration. The insulator is very simple, and is intended to be inserted into a hole bored through the battery frame when the cell or cells of the battery are placed upon it. From its peculiar form these cells are maintained free from moisture, because it drips directly to the frame-stand or into a trough arranged for the purpose. The insulators can be made of any insulating material, but are mostly manufactured of glass and porcelain. Already they are extensively used in America, and Mr. Prescott, electrician to the Western Union Telegraph Company, predicts that they will come into general use. That gentleman's opinion is the result of an actual personal acquaintance of the use of over fifteen hundred of them.





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