Making Glass Suspension Insulators

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Publication: Journal of the Society of Glass Technology

Sheffield, England
vol. 10, no. 38, p. 86,92, col. 1


II. Glass: Manufacture and Properties.

188. Making Glass Suspension Insulators. E. SCHOTT, Assignor to SCHOTT UND GEN, Jena, Germany (U.S.A. Pat. No. 1,542,588, June 16th, 1925. Filed Feb. 16th, 1925, No. 7,438) Relates to the manufacture of suspension insulators such as are used on high tension electric lines. Such an insulator consists of a "skirt" with depending "petticoats" and a central suspension pin. According to the invention, the "skirt" of glass is pressed with a central cylindrical extension. The head of the suspension pin is inserted in the extension, and this is then contracted beneath the head in order to prevent withdrawal of the pin. The space between the glass and the pin is then filled in with some soft material such as cement. G. D.


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Supplemental information: Patent: 1,542,588
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