Glass for Electric Insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Journal of the Society of Glass Technology

Sheffield, England
vol. 10, no. 39, p. 159, col. 1


II. Glass: Manufacture and Properties.

325. Glass for Electric Insulators. SIBOR SOC. ANON. VERRERIES- DE ROMONT, Switzerland (Brit. Pat. No. 245,131, Dec. 21st, 1925. Convention date Dec. 21st, 1924. Not yet accepted; from Ill. Official J. Pat. No. 1935, Feb. 17th, 1926). In the production of a sodium-aluminium borosilicate glass, aluminium sulphate is used as a batch material in order to lower the melting point. A batch for making glass suitable for high voltage electric insulators consists of 81 parts of sand, 20 parts of crystallised aluminium sulphate, 28 parts of crystallised borax, and 2 parts of crystallised boric acid.


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