Third Rail insulator patent #644,646

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 26, no. 11, p. 181, col. 1-2


Issued March 6, 1900.

644,646. Insulator for Use on Electric Railways. James Thomas and William R. Thomas, Catasauqua. Pa. Application filed December 12, 1899.

An insulator is described which comprises an insulating block having a recess at one end adapted to engage a base, a base for supporting the block, spacing projections on the base for separating the block a suitable distance therefrom, an attaching cup adapted to fit upon the other end of the insulating block, spacing projections on the block for separating the cup a suitable distance therefrom, means for holding the parts together, and means for securing a conductor to the cup. (See cut.)


NO. 644,646
No. 644,646



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