Texas Arm & Pin Company business is satisfactory

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 26, no. 1, p. 13,15, col. 2,1


Manufacturers and Dealers Make Pleasing Reports of the Business of 1899.

It is a great pleasure to the Western Electrician to be able to present such an encouraging statement of the condition of the electrical and allied industries of the country as is shown by the subjoined letters answering a request for a business review of the year. The statements speak for themselves and show that the volume of trade has greatly increased, prices have gone up and the outlook for the future is most promising. A notable feature of the situation is the remarkable expansion of the export trade.


Texas Arm and Pin Company, Beaumont, Tex.:

We beg to state that our business for the year is proving eminently satisfactory. We began operating one plant on October 1 and that factory has been busy ever since, running a great deal at night. We now have factory No. 2 in operation and running steadily and will have factory No. 3 running in January. You can see from this that we cannot give you our ideas of the business of the year as a whole, but can only tell you what we think of it during our short period of existence. As for our prospects of 1900, we consider them highly flattering. We have already made contracts for delivery during that entire year and now are figuring on many additional contracts of similar nature. Prices on cross-arms, pins and brackets are advancing and are assuming their proper place In proportion to the heavy advance in lumber prices. Cross-arms did not advance when lumber first went up so that the advance now is made simply in order to bring about a condition that should have begun to exist during August and September.


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