Dan Hemingray has been entertaining his brothers during the holidays


Publication: The Muncie Daily News

Muncie, IN, United States
p. 1, col. 3

Daniel Deronda Hemingray has been entertaining his brothers Ralph and Robert during the holidays. It has been some time since they moved to Muncie, and they have not been equal to Cincinnati's great advancement. Still Dan's many friends can imagine his surprise when Ralph stopped him at the sight of an electric car and asked, "Dan, what makes tehm go?" He had scarcely recovered from the effects of that startler when Bob whirled upon him at the sight of a cable car and asked, "Where are all the horses, Dan?" It was too much for the noted Kentucky statesman and he melted as he uttered, "Boys, you may be older than I am, but such ignorance does our native city, Covington, injustice. Cincinnati Enquirer.


Researcher notes:Daniel Hemingray's middle name was Carroll, not Deronda. Daniel Deronda is a novel by George Eliot first published in 1876. In the novel Deronda is portrayed as an intelligent, light-hearted and compassionate young man. It is assumed by the reference above, that the Deronda term was referring to Daniel Hemingray's personality.
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