McAbee Will probated


Publication: The Muncie Star

Muncie, IN, United States

Colonel McAbee's

Will Probated

The will of the late Col. Philip W. McAbee, who died November 7, and which bears date of September 29, 1921, was filed yesterday for probate in the office of Robert A. Milhollin, county clerk. The Merchants Trust Company was named executor. Carl H. Smith and William P. Zimmerman witnessed execution of the will.

The testator was for many years engaged here as a manufacturer. His wife preceded him in death. The value of the estate is not revealed in the application for executorship.

After having provided first for payment of debts, Colonel McAbee directed that his wife, Minttie Carroll McAbee, be the sole legatee, or in the event of her death, he named a sister, Mary V. McAbee. Continuing the will provides that in event of the prior death of the sister, the property go to a sister-in-law, if living, otherwise to two nephews Philip McAbee Martin and Jack Casment Martin, in equal shares.

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