Shortage of locust insulator pins

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Telephone Magazine

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 21, no. 137, p. 90, col. 2


The use of the "Calpa" insulator pin as a substitute for locust is being urged by the E. J. Noblett Co., 898 to 902 Thirty-fifth street, Chicago.

In the past two years the price for blanks has advanced 100 per cent, and will not stop at this, owing to manufacturers in other lines using locust, paying $4 to $5 per M more for the timber than the insulator manufacturer can afford to pay, with the selling price of locust pins at the present time.

After two years of study and experimenting the Noblett Co. offers "Calpa" as a substitute for locust.

The "Calpa" pin is a close, dense fibered wood, atmospheric conditions having little influence upon it.

The company will gladly furnish samples and quote prices to interested parties.


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