Star Bridle Ring Insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 39, no. 13, p. 253, col. 2,3

Line Construction Specialties.

A simple expansion bolt, made by the Star Expansion Bolt Company of 147 Cedar Street, New York city, is illustrated by one of the accompanying cuts. It requires a hole just large enough for the insertion of the expansion parts or shield. The lag screw being turned into the expansion part causes a direct expansion irrespective of the nature of the article or material being fastened.


Line Construction Specialties.


The screw anchor is especially adapted for small fastenings both in connection with wiring, the fastening of fixtures and the fastening of various parts to slate and marble switchboards. For this expansions are usually necessary. The star anchors are made of a soft composition which can be used almost anywhere without marking or defacing the surface of the material into which they are placed. They permit the screw to cut its own thread, enabling the use of either wood or machine screws. The hold is declared to be absolute and vibrations do not materially affect it.


Line Construction Specialties.


The Star cable dog is designed for fastening cables to substances other than wood. The method of expansion requires a smaller hole than heretofore and eliminates the necessity of using wooden plugs. These plugs often rot or dry out, while the Star cable dog cannot be affected in any way by the weather or natural conditions.

Enameled bridle rings are used generally by telephone companies. The enamel insures entire insulation, absolute smoothness, eliminates chafing of the wires and is rust and weather proof. Its form enables the wires to be readily removed and inserted at any time, but they cannot work out or be displaced by action of the wind or by strain.


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