American Flint Glass Workers' Union

Reach Agreement With National Association of Pressed and Blown Glassware

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 38, no. 22, p. 17, col. 1




THE negotiations between the National Association of Pressed and Blown Glassware and the workers' union, mention of which was made in last week's JOURNAL, came to a satisfactory conclusion, and there is now nothing in the way of a general resumption of work. The manufacturers will be guided in this matter by the course of trade and the probabilities of early demand; though as stocks are smaller than they ever were before, and it is high time to make preparations for the spring business, it is safe to say that they will all start as soon as they can get their furnaces heated up to the proper condition. The arrangements made between the manufacturers and workers include a modification of what is known as the summer stop. The length of this suspension has varied, but in recent years it was fixed at six weeks, beginning on the first of July. By the terms of the new agreement the manufacturers can choose any time to close that suits them between May and September. The rule limiting the number of articles allowed to be made in a turn has also been done away with; but this question is to be again submitted to the workers, and final disposal made of it in February next. There was no reduction of wages asked for by the manufacturers, and no change made to them. Some of the factories included in the new association were already at work when the settlement was made, and those that were not are getting ready as speedily as possible


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