Mayor Quick adminstration saturated with treachery


Publication: Muncie Post Democrat

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 2, no. 27, p. 2, col. 1-2


The old, standpat, republican machine, in combination with certain so-called democrats, is attempting to obtain a stranglehold on the city administration.

The administration of Mayor Quick, himself an honorable, upright official, is honeycombed, saturated and top heavy with treachery.

There are now men drawing pay checks from the city, through appointment or recommendation by the mayor, who are secretly conspiring to encompass his downfall.

The greatest complaint that is heard of Mayor Quick is that he is too broadly tolerant to recreant subordinates whom he must know are disloyal to him and his purposes.

There are few men placed in the position of Mayor Quick who would have stood for the impudent assmtance of Phil McAbee as long as he did. McAbee assumed to be greater than the power that appointed him. Although the mayor is the responsible head of the police deparment, McAbee had the gall to adopt the view that the mayor had the right only to attend meetings of the board of safety in the capacity of a spectator.

Acting with Charley Fiher, a co-conspirator, McAbee attempted to hold a secret meeting in order to remove four officers in whom Mayor Quick had especial confidence.

The axe was gleefully whetted, the stage was set, serveling policemen and others were drafted to testify at the "trial," the executioner got the basket ready, swung the axe, and lo, and behold, his hand slipped, the blade fell on his own neck, and his own head was the first to roll into the basket that was meant to be a receptacle of the heads of his victims.

The funny part of, it was that Phil didn't know that he had been decapitated: Although he was fired by the mayor, and his pay stopped, a loud and raucous noise emanated from the basket. Phil refused to quit after he had been fired, being a manufacturer, and naturally used to firing other people, he failed to recognize the rattle of the can when it was tied onto him by the mayor.

Fisher is still hanging to his job, presumably by the eyebrows. Caught in such an act of despicable treachery to his chief, the ordinary individual would have resigned at once. He was in the play with McAbee to carry out the orders of the Ku Klux Klan. The clique of policemen who thought McAbee and Fisher could buffalo the mayor, were also in the conspiracy and were all set to tattle a lot of silly stuff about their brother officers.

The gang that guessed wrong, and who took a hand in this conspiracy should all be removed from office. The mayor will do himself and the people of Muncie a great wrong if he permits a man in a single department of the city to remain in office who is not, absolutely loyal to him and the policies he hopes to carry out.

The decent, law abiding people of Muncie, regardless of race, religion or politics are demanding a thorough cleaning of the Augean stables. No man who recognizes allegiance to a bulldozing lawless organization like the Ku Klux Klan should be permitted for an instant to hold office in Muncie or Delaware county.

The best people of Muncie will back the mayor to the him in his evident desire to destroy the power of this hideous, fantatic and utterly criminal organization.

Researcher notes:Philip McAbee was president of the Hemingray Glass Co. from 1920 to 1933.
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Researcher:Bob Stahr
Date completed:September 30, 2009 by: Bob Stahr;