Legalization of beer spurring economy; Hemingray making beer bottles


Publication: Muncie Post Democrat

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 13, no. 22, p. 3, col. 3-4





Muncie Post-Democrat:

I read your letter in a recent issue of the Star addressed to "Voters and Taxpayers." I used to read your letters with great interest, but from what you said in this leter you must have been greatly misinformed or are a willful liar.

In regard to the shooting of the policeman and Rinker being shot to death, this was not caused by the legal sale of 3.2 beer, but by home brew, made and drank in his own home. I saw the police get a bushel basket full of home brew and from the looks of the empty bottles in his home he and his party drank about fifty bottles of it. I don't know much about the figures you give about the $5,000,000 being paid to the district distributor in the ten Indiana districts, but I do know, that the tax payers do not pay this because it is taken from the revenue derived from the 3.2 beer, and that the $10,000,000 that is spent annually to enforce the 18th amendment is paid by the taxpayers and home owners.

Now Clell, if you would only be truthful you would not try to fool the public, who know what has started the wheels of prosperity. You and everyone know that the sale of 3.2 has started the Hemingray factory and the enlarging of it; Ball Brothers factory is running better than it ever did in history. The Warner Gear Co.; the Glasscock Co.; the Acme Mfg. Co.; the Hart Glass Co., and don't forget the contract Albert Glaser got to enlarge this factory.


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