Ohio Brass has extensive advertising department

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 41, no. 5, p. 96, col. 3


A recent visit to the advertising department of the Ohio Brass Company at Mansfield, Ohio, revealed a number of extensive improvements that have been wrought in this branch by Advertising Manager Charles E. Young. One can get an idea of the extent of the business of the company from so large and complete a printing plant. The Ohio Brass Company, through Mr. Young, has developed this extensive printing establishment to run only in conjunction with the company's advertsing department. Mr. H. W. Young has recently been taken on as an assistant to Manager Young. Mr. Charles E. Young for a long time was connected with the advertsing department of the Western Electric Company, Chicago. It will be noted with interest by Mr. C. E. Young's friends in Chicago that he has earned substantial recognition on the part of the Ohio Brass Company and that the company not long ago appointed him as one of its directors. He deserves much credit for the ability he has shown as a business developer.


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