Bids for Winnipeg power plant; Lima Insulator Company bid for insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 41, no. 19, p. 373, col. 1

Bids for Winnipeg's $3,500,000 Power


Winnipeg, Man., November 2. — The financial depression which has prevailed all over the North American continent resulted in a heated argument in this city in relation to the construction of the $3,500,000 power plant to be built by the city at Lac du Bonnet. Mayor Ashdown advocated leaving construction until next year, owing to the condition of the money market and his failure to dispose of the power bonds during his recent trip to England. However, the people of Winnipeg want cheaper power at once, and in the Council the majority of the aldermen were in favor of immediate construction of the plant. It now seems certain work will commence as soon as the contracts have been awarded.

At a recent meeting of the power committee the following tenders were recommended to the Council for acceptance:

Telephone — J. Y. Hyland & Co., $24,839.93.

General works — Robinson, Pratt & Ryckman, including possible contingencies and variation in quantities, $862,000.

Generators, exciters and induction motors — Swedish General Electric Company, $145,000.

Low and high tension electrical equipment — Canadian Westinghouse Company, covering modifications agreed upon, $382,000.

Steel towers — Naylor Bros., $99,000.

Insulators—Lima Insulator Company, including estimated cost of inside insulators, $18,500.

Transmission cable — Northern Aluminum Company, $180,000.

Auxiliary appliances — Canadian Foundry Company, Allis-Chalmers-Bullock Company, Canadian Fairbanks Company, including estimated cost of oiling system, $35,000.

Repair shop equipments — Canadian Fairbanks Company, $6,715.

Total, $1,753,054.93.

The following tenders were also received but the power committee did not recommend their acceptance and it is likely new tenders will be called: Turbines, $200,000; terminal station, $93,600; protective appliances, $8,000; electric cranes, $18,980; turbine governors, $18,000; total, $338,580.

On the following items no tenders were received: Erection of line (estimated, $104,400); clearing of remainder of transmission line (estimated, $12,500); bridge (estimated, $15,000); total, $131,900.

The following contracts have been let and are now in progress: Tramway grades, etc., $125,000; bridge at Winnipeg River, $45,000; clearing portions of transmission line, $6,000; .total, $176,000.

Under civic control the following works are being constructed: Construction, trackhying and ballasting, $135,000; rolling stock purchased, $12,000; total. $147,000.

In addition to the above the following items must be added to the cost of the plant: Estimated loss of railway operation, $10,000; corduroy road, $35,000; engineering, $159,000; right-of-way and fencing, $104,000; total, $299,000. Making a grand total for the cost of the plant of $2,845,534.93 against an estimate dated April 25, 1906, of $2,929,625.

A bulk tender of $1,004,000 was received from the Anglo-Canadian Engineering Company, the company offering to take power debentures at 92 in payment for the work, but this offer is considered too low.

It is expected the tenders recommended for acceptance by the power committee will be signed at once and a start on the work made this fall so as to have the plant in operation at the earliest possible moment.



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