New Tree Insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 42, no. 15, p. 294, col. 1-2

New Tree Insulator and Wire Guard.

A decidedly new type of tree insulator and wire guard has recently been developed and will no doubt prove of interest to central-station managers operating plants in towns having large numbers of trees.

As will be seen from the illustration, this guard is of the "squirrel-cage" type, consisting of two split-porcelain circular end frames, serving as mounting supports for the guide or guard rods, which are made of specially treated wood, of great toughness and strength. The line conductor is by this method of construction entirely surrounded by a flexible protecting cage, which prevents damage being done to the line insulation coming in contact with limbs, guy wires, poles, buildings, etc. As the guard will freely swing with the line conductors, the danger of strains is minimized, a feature of much importance.

To mount the guard in position, it is only necessary to place the split-porcelain ends around the conductor and insert the wooden rods; then a small binder wire is run around in grooves on the porcelain end frames, after which the wire is simply twisted together.


New Tree Insulator and Wire Guard.


By the use of this improved form of guard, the insulation on the line wires can be mechanically protected, while a high factor of insulation is secured by the use of porcelain end frames.

This new guard, which is being marketed under the name "Kirby Guard," is placed on the market by the Central Electric Company of Chicago.


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