Locke insulators on display at Chicago convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 42, no. 22, p. 438,441, col. 1,1

The Exhibition And Some of the Men

Who Attended It.

The exhibition of electrical appliances provided for the Chicago convention by the Class D members was a beautiful and effective display. The Exhibition Hall on the ninth floor of the hotel adjoined the Assembly Hall, as last year. The booth arrangement was simple and uniform, making all the exhibits easily accessible. The decorations followed an unassuming but systematic plan, and with the brilliant illumination, which was entirely by tungsten lamps, the entire exhibition scheme was attractive and entirely satisfactory.

There was no time during the entire four days of the convention that the aisles and booths were not well filled with interested visitors, and this in the face of the fact that nearly all the sessions of the convention proper were attended to the capacity of the assembly hall.

The various branched of the electrical industry were well represented and many new things were shown, brief mention being made of them in the following paragraphs. Views of some of the exhibits are also given herewith. Especially noticeable, however, was the recognition received by the tungsten lamp as a practicable and desirable lighting unit. The general lighting of both the exhibition hall and the assembly room was by tungsten lamps with proper reflectors. The accompanying views of the exhibits were taken with no other light than that from the regular illumination. On account of the architecture of the hall an adequate general view of the exhibition room could not be secured, the view given on page 430 showing only a part of the whole.

The exhibition committee, received the deserved praise of the Class D members, as well as the entire association, for the successful manner in which it carried out its part of the programme. On a preceding page is given a brief account of the annual meeting of Class D members and the presentation to Mr. Niesz.


The exhibit of'the Electric Service Supplies Company contained a complete line of Garton Daniels lightning arresters, Locke porcelain insulators, G. & W. porcelain detachable potheads and safety line disconnecters, Giant steam insulators and Keystone portable lamp guards. Samson "Spot" arc lamp cord was shown. Some of the lightning arresters were connected to the lighting circuit so the delegates could see how the circuit-breaker principal operates following a lightning discharge. Two poles had been erected in the exhibit and fitted up with cross-arms on which were shown a number of porcelain insulators, P. & B. truss pins, porcelain potheads and steel gains. The underhung type of porcelain insulator for 100,000-volt transmission lines attracted a great deal of attention. Messrs.. J. W. Porter, E. R. Mason, H. L. Adams, M. S. Earl and C. D. Willison were in attendance.


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