Derby wall bracket sold by Central Electric

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Western Electrician

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 43, no. 15, p. 278, col. 3


There has recently been placed on the market by the Central Electric Company of Chicago the Derby wall bracket shown in the accompanying illustration. By the construction adopted the insulator pins are given a slant instead of being placed in a vertical position or parallel with the bracket as has been common in the past. This arrangement brings the wires farther from the building, thus materially increasing the insulating distance.


Derby Wall Bracket


The mechanical construction is such and the parts are so proportioned as to give the greatest strength to resist bending of the base plate, a very important feature in this class of work. By the use of wooden pins the insulation factor is a maximum, owing to the fact that since moisture is liable to gather, if an iron pin is used the path from the wire to the ground is much shorter than afforded with a wooden pin. This bracket is being used by some large transmission companies and after being thoroughly tried out has been adopted as a standard. It will be readily seen that various, modifications in its design are possible, such as for two, four or more pins.


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