Varley Stoneware Insulators Replaced in New Zealand with Prussian White Porcelain Insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegraphic Journal and Electrical Review

London, England
vol. 4, no. 90, p. 277-278, col. 1-2

English telegraphists will be surprised to learn that Varley's brown stone-ware insulators are being replaced by the Prussian white porcelain insulators in New Zealand, and not only is the insulation said to be considerably improved thereby, but that over some sections it has been made quite perfect. Varley's insulator has been condemned nearly everywhere but in England, where it still holds its own as the insulator par excellence. One man's meat is another man's poison, but can an insulator be good in one country and bad in another? Let the old country look to its laurels. The insulation of its wires is probably now the worst in the world.


Keywords:New Zealand : Foreign : Varley : Prussian Insulator
Researcher notes:The white porcelain insulator is evidently the Oppenheimer insulator.
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