Articles Comparing Insulators and Trials of the Brooks Insulator

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegraphic Journal and Electrical Review

London, England
vol. 3, no. 55, p. 120, col. 2

Electric Science in English and Foreign Journals

Annales Telegraphiques. Third Series. Vol. ii.

January and February, 1875.


The most important articles areóThe Comparison of Insulators and Trials of Brooks's Insulators, a recapitulation of the researches of various electricians, notably M. Gaugain. The perusal of this article, we are informed, will dispense with the necessity of referring to the previous works of M. Gaugain, as regards the trials of Brooks's insulators.

Amongst other articles we notice a long and cleverly written one on Electric Vote-recording Machines. This part contains no fewer than seven large folding plates, in addition to several woodcut illustrations.


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