H. C. Fry Glass Company listing

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Factory Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 27,46, col. 1



The following factories are devoted to the manufacture of pressed and blown ware, plain tumblers, stem ware and bar goods, cut glass and tubing, lamp chimneys, globes, electrical goods, etc.


Fry Glass Co., H. C., Rochester; 4 furnaces, 64 pots; 2 tanks. H. C. Fry, president; G. H. Gerwig, treasurer; W. H. Green, secretary-general manager; G. K. Fry, sales manager; H. S. Fry, factory manager; F. D. Thompson, purchasing agent. Manufacturers of tableware, decorated tableware, blanks for cutting, plain tumbler, stemware and bar goods; "Fry's Ovenglass".


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