Corning Glass Works listing

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Factory Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 27,34, col. 1



The following factories are devoted to the manufacture of pressed and blown ware, plain tumblers, stem ware and bar goods, cut glass and tubing, lamp chimneys, globes, electrical goods, etc.


Corning Glass Works, Corning; 4 furnaces, 68 pots; 7 tanks, 2 day tanks; Branch factory: Steuben Glass Works, Corning; 2 furnaces, 26 pots; Branch factory at Wellsboro, Pa.; 2 tanks; Branch factory, Central Falls, R. I.; 2 tanks. Alexander D. Falck, president; Arthur L. Day, vice prest.; Geo. B. Hollister, vice prest; Eugene C. Sullivan, vice prest; Wm. Sinclaire, secretary; John L. Thomas, treasurer; C. E. Githler, production manager. Bulbs, tubing, lamp chimneys, railroad signal ware, globes, lenses and lens blanks and conaphore lenses, thermometer tubing and spectacle glass. Pyrex baking dishes, Pyrex nursing bottles, Pyrex teapots, Pyrex industrial ware, pressed and blown ware, Pyrex chemical glassware, Pyrex insulators, Pyrex gasoline cylinders, radio glasses and special technical glasses.


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