Locke issues the "Insulator Book"

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Telephone Magazine

Chicago, IL, United States
vol. 25, no. 5, p. 338,346, col. 1-2



The Locke Insulator Manufacturing Company of Victor, New York, has issued a valuable catalogue entitled "The Insulator Book." In issuing this catalogue it is the idea of the company to bring before the engineering world the types of insulators which are recognized as best adapted to the service conditions of various climates. The endeavor has been to eliminate all designs which have proved to be defective, and to simplify and bring to standard from insulators for ordinary potentials of transmission.

The catalogue describes the methods of making insulator tests, giving a table of standard sparking distances. It then describes and illustrates porcelain insulators, including strain insulators, sectional strain insulators, wall insulators, wall tube-insulators, high-voltage porcelain tubes and flare tubes. There is also described a line of flint-glass insulators and insulator pins and brackets.


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