Fred Locke Steel Insulating Pin

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 27, no. 22, p. 661, col. 1

Steel Insulating Pin.

The accompany illustration represents a steel insulating pin, manufactured by Fred M. Locke, Victor, N. Y. The pin is constructed of a locust wood thimble, mounted upon a steel bolt, which passes from the top of the pin through a half-inch hole in the cross arm and is securely fastened on the under side of the latter by a nut and metal washer. The thimble serves as a brace to resist the strain or pull on the pin and at the same time covers the pin hole in the cross arm, thus, it is claimed, by keeping out water and moisture, preserving the arm. The pins are adapted to all classes of line work, and being made of an all locust wood top the cost is considerably lessened. An indestructible insulator pin is constructed on somewhat similar lines, but adapted for use on iron arms and fittings. It is galvanized and can be readily attached on iron pole fittings, and when in place is neither cumbersome nor inconvenient, as is often the case with such fixtures.


Steel Insulating Pin.



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