Hemingray/Owens-Illinois Glass Company listing

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Publication: Glass Factory Directory

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
p. 29,69,80-82, col. 1



The following factories are devoted to the manufacture of pressed and blown ware, plain tumblers, stem ware and bar goods, cut glass and tubing, lamp chimneys, globes, electrical goods, etc.


Owens-Illinois Glass Co., Muncie; 4 continuous tanks. Glass insulators and Insulux glass building block. See listing under firm name in Ohio bottle section



This list includes manufacturers of prescriptions and vials, beers and minerals, patent and proprietary medicines, liquors and flasks, packers and preservers, fruit jars and milk bottles.


Owens-Illinois Glass company, general offices, Ohio bldg, Toledo; sales offices in all principle cities; officers: William E. Levis, president; H. G. Phillipps, vice president and treasurer; Harold Boeschenstein, vice president and general manager; R. H. Barnard, vice president and general manager Glass Container Div.; A. W. Sherwood, vice president; C. B. Belknap, exec. vice pres.; F. J. Solon, vice president and general sales manager, J. H. McNerney, secretary and assistant treasurer. Factories: No. 2, Huntington, W. Va.; P. E. Hanes, manager, 5 furnaces, 19 machines; No. 3, Fairmont, W. Va., D. Denelsbeck, 6 furnaces, 12 machines; No. 4, Clarksburg, W. Va., 3 furnaces, 6 machines; No. 6, Charleston, W. Va., C. G. Bensinger, 5 furnaces, 10 machines; No. 7, Alton, Ill., F. Flexon, 10 furnaces, 34 machines; No. 9, Streator, Ill., F. E. Martin, 8 furnaces, 18 machines; No. 10, Newark, Ohio, B. E. Boyd, No. 11, Evansville, Ind., G. F. O'Brian, 2 furnaces, 8 machines; No. 12, Gas City, Ind., T. A. Collins, 5 furnaces, 11 machines; No. 13, Chicago Heights, Ill., March A. Nagle, 4 furnaces, 4 machines, (and hand made div.); No. 14, Bridgeton, N. J., J. L. Black, 5 furnaces, 14 machines; No. 15, Okmulgee, Okla., B. J. Ackerman, 1 furnace, 3 machines; No. 17, Clarion, Pa., A. C. Budd, 2 furnaces, 10 machines; No. 18, Columbus, O., L. R. Kessler, 2 furnaces, 9 machines; No. 25, Terre Haute, Ind., M. A. Eddy, 3 furnaces, 15 machines; No. 26, Muncie, Ind., W. P. Zimmerman, 4 furnaces, 10 machines. Bottles and containers all colors; pressure and non-pressure beverage bottles; beer bottles, narrow-neck food containers, 1/2 and 1 gallon jugs; wide mouth food containers, patent medicine, pharmaceutical, proprietary, toilet preparation, perfume, complete line of drug store containers; milk bottles, large ware, including 1/2, 2, 3, and 5 gallon water bottles, carboys, buckets, barrels, 2 and 3 gallon fuel oil containers, wicker covered large ware, etc.; all types of hand blown containers; industrial materials, glass wool products, "Dustop" air filters, insulating material, "Insulux" glass building block, glass insulators.


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