Kinsbury Afternoon Reception, Miss Hemingray wins prize


Publication: The Muncie Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 21, no. 272, p. 4, col. 2


In honor of her guests, Miss Howe, of Wabash, and Miss Church, Mrs. J. L. Kingsbury delightfully entertained a few of her friends yesterday afternoon at her home on East Jackson street. For the occasion the house was most beautifully decorated with violets, tulips, carnations and ferns. The feature of entertainment was "Annagrams," it being letters of names of articles used about a lady's work table, mingled in such a way that it necessitated study to make out the names of the articles. They were as follows:

1 Witts Twist.

2 Yreem Emery.

3 Sopho Hoops.

4 Liks Silk.

5 Holct Cloth.

6 Steemuparen Tape measure.

7 Crossiss Scissors.

8 Bekkawstor Workbasket.

9 Arny Yarn.

10 Notubt Button.

11 Lavender-rog Glove darner.

12 Yankfrowe Fancy work.

13 Baldgirl Ann Darning ball.

Miss Hemingray was the lady who secured the prize, all of her answers being correct. She was presented with a beautiful medallion of "Morning." After this a flue hot lunch was served, which was greatly enjoyed. The guets were: Miss Cassady, Miss Richey, Miss Jacobs, Miss McCulloch, Miss Eiler, Miss Emma Cammack, Miss Hemingray, Miss Turner, Miss Goddard, Miss Angel, Miss Perkins, Miss Jones, Miss Mason, Miss Bachman, Miss Bower, Miss Neely, Miss Fowler, Miss Arthur, Mrs. Oxtoby, Mrs. Munshower.


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