Powerline Vandalism

Man and Boy Killed


Publication: The Richfield Reaper

Richfield, UT, United States
vol. XXXVIII, no. 29, p. 1, col. 5




Man And Boy Killed in Montana

From Fallen High Tension


The Reaper has repeatedly called attention to the danger resulting from the acts of thoughtless people handling firearms who make insulators of electric power lines their aim. We again call attention to this dangerous practice after reading a recent issue of the Great Falls, Montana, Tribune containing the story of the deaths of a man and a 12-year-old boy, killed by coming in contact with a wire fence that had been charged from a fallen high tension power line.

This affair has interest for every individual, as well as for those concerned with the problems of high-tension power transmission. It is an example of the result of unthinking and irresponsible action on the part of persons who do not see any further than the end of their noses. Some one had shot at and shattered the insulators on this powerline with the result that one of the wires had fallen across the wire fence.

Witnesses at the coroner's inquest said that they did not see a power wire near the scene of the accident, but that the actual contact was four of five blocks away.

Evidence showed that the power company had used standard equipment in the construction of the power line and that at least 13 insulators had been shot away. The fallen wire was from a pole which stood at an angle with the other poles, the release of the power wire giving enough slack to permit it to fall to the fence. A piece of a bullet was found in one of the insulator pins.

The incident ought to be a lesson to the people who persist in shooting at insulators.

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