Deseret Telegraph Company



Publication: The Deseret News

Salt Lake City, Territory of Utah, United States
vol. XXVII, no. 16, p. 249 (9), col. 1

Local and Other Matters

From Thursday's Daily, May 16.

Wanton Mischief. A good deal of annoyance, expense and inconvenience is suffered by the Deseret Telegraph Company on account of the mischievous disposition of freighters on the roads in the southern part of the Territory. While resting their teams by the way, many of them pass away the time in throwing rocks at and breaking the insulators of the line. Some of these breaks involve a day's drive from an office and other loss in making the repairs.


Keywords:Deseret Telegraph Company : Vandalism
Researcher notes:The Deseret Telegraph Company was owned and operated by the Morman Church
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