Progressive Euchre Party attended by Mrs. R. Hemingray


Publication: The Morning News

Muncie, IN, United States
vol. 18, no. 238, p. 1, col. 4


Mrs. R. S. Gregory Delightfully

Entertains Many Lady Friends.

Mrs. R. S. Gregory entertained over 40 of her lady friends in a very happy manner yesterday afternoon, from 2 till 6 o'clock, at her home, 314 East Washington street.

It was a progressive euchre party, given in honor of Mrs. Cunnen of Cleveland and Mrs. Bush of Detroit, who are guests of Mrs. J. R. Sprankle.

The large parlors in the lovely home were a bower of beauty, with an artistic display of palms, carnations and roses. The mantel in the front parlor was most admired, for the lovely floral decoration which it bore. Refreshments were served in three courses and were delightfully enjoyed. The guests were:


J. R. Sprankle         J. V. Gilbert

W. C. Dickey         G. O. Cromwell

C. A. Spilker          H. M. Winans

R. H. Hemingray     E. E. Whiteley

Charles Bender       A. J. Meeks

George Bower        C. N. Wilcoxon

H. S. Maddy          C. G. Neely

T. Morgan              J. N. Kendall

G. F. McCulloch     S. C. Goshorn

W. L. Little            John Kirby

S. C. Cowan          G. T. Collins

J. A. Heinsohn        T. K. Heinsohn

James Durham        C. M. Turner

L. L. Turner            Kate Wilson

C. H. Anthony         D. W. Bell

W. M. Patterson      W. F. McDowell

E. F. Tyler               C. A. Johnson

Charles Boldt           James Boyce

M. E. Vandercook   H. R. Wysor

Chas. Boyce            C. Sampson


Nannie C. Love        Jeannette Love

Alma DeWeese

Mrs. Bush won first prize, a medallion picture. Mrs. Cunnen secured a china cup and saucer as second prize, and a half dozen lovely roses were presented to Mrs. Durham as the third prize. She was compelled to play off the three other ladies, Mesdames Hemingray, Maddy and Tylers.


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