Jeffery-Dewitt Company Grows with Auto Industry

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Michigan Manufacturer

Detroit, MI, United States
vol. 7, no. 23, p. 3-4, col. 3, 1

Among the many accessory factories, attracted to Hamtramck [Michigan] by the wonderful growth of the automobile industry, is the Jeffery-Dewitt Company, who for years have been located in Newark, N. J. After a careful survey of the situation a site in Hamtramck was decided upon, as all the advantages of being located in Detroit seemed to be enjoyed by factories located in Hamtramck, yet property prices were very much lower than that asked for sites with similar facilities within the city limits of Detroit.

The Jeffery-Dewitt Company is different in two respects from any other spark plug manufacturers in the United States. The first is that they manufacture everything that goes into their spark plugs within the four walls of their own factory. Secondly, they manufacture spark plugs only in a factory devoted exclusively to the business. Starting with the brass bars, in crude form, .just as they come from the rolling mills, and with the cold rolled steel bars, direct from the steel mills, every step in the process of manufacture is strictly under our own roof and personal supervision.

So far as we know, the Jeffery-Dewitt Company are the only manufacturers in America, who buy and import their own clays and other ingredients. The Jeffery-Dewitt Company state that "early in our history, we found that we could not depend upon the open market for a porcelain adapted especially to spark plug purposes, either in quality, size or material. By making a series of exhaustive experiments with special blends of clay and other ingredients, we have produced a body that is superior to heat tests, breakage tests and electrical tests to anything it is possible to buy on the open market. As a result of this discovery we quickly established a complete and perfectly equipped pottery department in charge of experts. People come all over the world to see our special methods of manufacture; and automobile manufacturers who appreciate the value of uniform quality and high efficiency find a visit to our institution at once interesting and convincing. We are glad to welcome visitors at all times."

The plant of the Jeffery-Dewitt Company is situated at Butler avenue and the M. C. R. R. crossing, and the Chene street car line is only a few blocks away.


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