Radios Used to Test In-Situ Insulators

Idaho Power Company Tests Powerline


Publication: The American Falls Press

American Falls, ID, United States
vol. XXVI, no. 42, p. 1, col. 2


Power Company Utilizes Sets to

Detect Insulator Defects.

Linesmen in the employ of the Idaho Power company "cut out" the transmission line between American Falls and Aberdeen for several hours last Tuesday afternoon that they might replace leaky and defective insulators. Repairs made at this time will materially lighten the work of keeping the line in commission during the winter months.

It may interest readers of the Press to know that, in this connection, the power companies have found a new use for the radio. It is utilized to detect defective insulators, and to "spot" line breaks which may lead to trouble.

Linesmen place their superhetrodyne sets near a pole and can quickly determine whether an insulator is out of order. If there is disturbance of the radio waves the insulator is replaced.

"Tightening up" of the line will do away with radio disturbance, which ought to please radio fans in the Aberdeen section.

Keywords:Radio Interference : Insulator Testing
Researcher notes:Superhetrodyne - Adjective: designating or of a form of radio reception in which part of the amplification prior to demodulation is carried out at an intermediate supersonic frequency produced by beating the frequency of the received carrier waves with that of locally generated oscillations.
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