Pacific Power & Light Company Uses Radio-Treated Insulators

Line Located Between The Dalles and Hood River


Publication: The Goldendale Sentinel

Goldendale, WA, United States
vol. 56, no. 20, p. 1, col. 4

P. P. & L. Co. Preparing

A Temporary Station

Crews are busy this week at The Dalles preparing for the installation of a temporary switching station on the site at the bottom of Scenic Drive where a new and permanent substation is to be built in connection with the Pacific Power & light Company's $40,000 project to relocate four sections of its transmission line between The Dalles and Hood River. A 66,000 volt circuit breaker from the Pendleton substation will be installed on The Dalles-Tygh Valley line to prevent interruptions to the present substation in event of failure on the main line from Powerdale to Tygh Valley.

The work is being done under the supervision of Charles S. Knowles, superintendent of construction for the power company. New pin type insulators, designed especially to suppress radio interference, will be used for the first time by the company on the relocated lines. They will be installed in addition to the regular 10-inch disc. A total of 154 poles will be used on the seven miles to be relocated and 346 cross arms.

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