Colorado Phonolite Glass Company organizes

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 38, no. 20, p. 32-3, col. 3, 1

The Denver, Col., News says: "At a meeting of about a dozen gentlemen at the Brown Palace Hotel arrangements were completed and a corporation formed for the purpose of opening up a new industry in this State. The company will be known as the Colorado Phonolite Glass Co., and will manufacture nearly all kinds of glassware from a new substance called "phonolite" and which is quite rare, but little of it known to exist outside of the recent discoveries in this State. The process of making glass from Phonolite is entirely new, and a United States patent was issued on it to this company during the past month. It is expected to work great changes in the glass industry, as it does away with the use of English soda, hitherto a necessary and expensive ingredient in the manufacture of glass, and will be apt to place Colorado in the front rank as a producer of glass and glassware of nearly all kinds. The company decided to begin operations at once, and organized with a capital of $500,000. A plant costing about $50,000 will be erected as soon as a site is determined upon. Colorado City, Pueblo, or Denver will be selected, probably Denver, because of its superior facilities as a point of distribution. The fields from which the phonolite is mined are favorably located near the line of the Colorado Midland Railway. Preliminary tests were made at the Colorado Fire Bricks Works in this city over a month ago, and were very satisfactory. A second and elaborate test was had afterwards at the large Libbey Glass Works on the Midway Plaisance at the World's Fair, and resulted in complete success. A number of prominent Eastern glass manufacturers were present at the test there made, and expressed much confidence in the new process.


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