James M. Brookfield

Notice of Patent for Burning Anthracite Coal to Melt Glass

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal

London, England
vol. 16, no. 236, p. 430-431, col. 2,1

Recent American Patents.

(From the Journal of the Franklin Institute)

Manufacture of Glass. J. Brookfield, E. White, and J. Fatz.

The invention consists in combining and using a blast, with the ordinary furnace, and anthracite coal as fuel, for melting the materials in the manufacture of glass.


Keywords:James M. Brookfield : Fuel
Researcher notes:(1) This patent was an important contribution to the art of glass manufacturing. Previous attempts to burn anthracite coal ia a glass furnace had proven unsuccesful. (2) E. White (Ephraim V. White) owned and operated an axe factory at Tracyville, a community on the outskirts of Honesdale, PA. (3) The inclusion of the name, J. Fatz, appears to be an error in that the name does not appear in the Patent text.
Supplemental information: Patent: 9,789 Article: 11030
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