Reuben Hemingray

Declared Dead by the Court


Publication: The Springfield Sun

Springfield, KY, United States
vol. 1, no. 34, p. 6, col. 2


The Judge Declared Mrs. Hemingray

a Single Woman.

Louisville, Ky., July 14. Judge Kirby entered a judgement restoring Mrs. Lida Hemingray to the rights of a single woman, and incidentally recalling the disappearance of her husband, Reuben Hemingray, on September 23, 1890. The court held that, as Hemingray has never been heard from, he is presumed to be dead. Hemingray was a tobacco dealer. He left here to go to Chicago. Since Hemingray's disappearance Mrs. Hemingray has earned a living by teaching school.

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Researcher notes:Reuben Hemingray was the son of Joseph C. Hemingray.
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