Brodie Electric incorporates

[Trade Journal]

Publication: New Hampshire Bureau of Labor Second Annual Report

Concord, NH, United States
p. 511,514-515, col. 1


MANCHESTER. In January Olzendam hosiery mill running on half time increased to five days a week with a reduction of ten per cent in wages. Manchester Mill, worsted department, running on two thirds time. Print works running full capacity. Two large new pattern printing machines added to print works plant. Employes of Manchester Printworks begin work at 6:40 a.m., instead of 7 o'clock. Starting up of foundry department of Manchester Locomotive Works is followed by a 20 per cent. reduction in wages. Emergency Hand Fire Extinguisher Co., incorporated, capital $5,000. Universal Weeder Co. reduce capital stock from $12,000 to $6,000. February. The Stark Mills running eight looms a day, five days a week. Portion of Manchester Mills resume full time. Devonshire Mills at Goffe's Falls start up on full time, after several months of short time, with wages reduced ten per cent. in all departments. March. FM Hoyt Co., shoe factory running over time. Kimball Bros' factory running full time. Crafts & Green shoe factory running full time, and turning out two thirds of capacity. Corey Needle Works running full time, after four months at two thirds time. Machine shop of S. C. Forsaith Company burned. B. P. Brooks Co incorporated, capital $1,000. Leighton Machine Co., incorporated, capital $50,000. April. Eureka Shoe Co., incorporated, capital $50,000. Manchester Locomotive Works resume operations ten hours a day. F. I. Lessard & Co bakery burned. Noll Paper Box shop removed and capacity increased. May. Eaton Heights Shoe Co. incorporated, capital $50,000. June. Brodie Electric Co. incorporated, capital $25,000. Paper Box factory of Charles Noll partially burned, loss $10,000. Manchester Print Works close for a brief period to make repairs. Box shop of Head & Dowst Co. burned. July. Box Works of Charles Noll add a department for manufacture of cigar boxes. Changes in the running machines of Amoskeag No. 3 mill, made necessary by short water supply. McCrillis carriage factory burned. August. Sash and Blind works of W. F. Hubbard destroyed by fire. An engine cylinder-head in Mill No. 6 of Manchester mills blew out, necessitating closing mill a month for repairs. Amoskeag Manufacturing Co. start up mills to run forty hours a week. October. Fred Allen Co. incorporated, capital $3,000. November. Beaudry Automatic Machine Co. incorporated, capital $48,000. Eureka Shoe Co. incorporated, capital $50,000. Redman & Eaton Shoe Co. incorporated capital $35,000.


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