McAbee appointed to Muncie Board of Safety


Publication: The Kokomo Daily Tribune

Kokomo, IN, United States
vol. 39, no. 65, p. 3, col. 2-3

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Muncie. Ind., Nov. 23. With the naming of the city controller, city attorney and members of the board of public works and members of the board of safety, the latter on provision that they accept the appointments. Mayor-elect John C. Quick Tuesday night made the first of his official appointments. Calvin Farls, an abstractor, and former member of the Indiana general assembly while a resident of Mitchell. Ind., was chosen city controllor and Joseph G. Leffler, ex-judge of the Delaware circuit court, was appointed city attorney. J. R. Marsh, secretary and chief engineer of the Indiana Bridge company, Bert F. Bradbury, abstractor and Charles F. Bowden, ex-county clerk were appointed members of the board of works and Philip W. McAbee, president of the Hemingray Glass company, and Charles Fisher and John Collins, machinists, were named members of the board of public safety.

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