Hemingray factory roof blown off in storm


Publication: The Steubenville Herald-Star

Steubenville, OH, United States
vol. 60, no. 203, p. 1, col. 1-2

Great Storm Swept the Lakes Many Lives and Vessels Lost



Hemingray Glass Works

at Muncie





Occasioned by the Walls Being

Demolished Schooner Wrecked

Laborers Drowned in Lake


Muncie, Ind., Nov. 22. Thousands of dollars damage was done by the high winds last night. The roof of the Hemingray Glass Company's flint glass house was blown off. All the factory smoke stacks were blown down and the roof was torn from the three story Root block. Heavy losses have been sustained from broken plate glass in the business district, and the oil field is strewn with debris of hte derricks.

Damage at Buffalo.

Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 22. Buffalo was struck by a sixty-six mile an hour gale early to-day, causing a fifty foot wall at the water Works pumping station to collapse. Engineer Brown was buried beneath the debris. A heavy girder just above him prevented tons of wreckage from crushing him. He was reached by the firemen. The city's water supply was shut off two hours. The loss is $50,000. Shipping is in great danger.

Storm Sweeps Lake.

Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 22. An unknown barge and schooner were wrecked six miles south of Grand Haven.

Holland, Mich., Nov 22. Contractor James Bennett, of Muskegon and three laborers working on pier extension, were swept from the breakwater by heavy seas during yesterday's storm and drowned.

Hunter Lost.

Sandusky, Nov. 22. Answering signals from across the bay this morning several men discovered Fred K. Marshall a coal dealer, watching over the corpse of a hunting companion, Ottomar Zitsel. The two had gone hunting yesterday afternoon in the marsh. Their boat capsized and after swimming ashore in ice cold water Zistel fell dead. Marshall started to summon aid but became confused, in the darkness and was compelled to return to the side of his friends body and remain there all night.

Vessels Lost.

Muskegon. Mich. Nov. 22. Six lives are believed to have been lost in the gale which swept Muskegon last night. An unidentified steam launch supposed to be from Whitehall, left here at four p. m. yesterday, ignoring the warning of the captain of the life saving crew that the craft could not ride the storm, and neither launch nor its passengers have been heard from.

Sandusky, Nov. 22. The barge Athens, Capt. Mackey, of Milwaukee and a crew of six men are probably lost. The steamer Pratt from Escanaba for Buffalo entered port to-day and reported the loss of the Athens, which was being towed by the Pratt. The vessels broke apart at 10:30 p. m. yesterday, 20 miles northeast of here. The wind was blowing such a gale that the Pratt could not be turned around to find the barge. The Pratt is slightly damaged. A vessel was seen flying distress signals off Put-in-Bay to-day, but the nature of the difficulty has not been learned.

Chicago, Nov. 22. The steamer Frontenac, for which fears were felt last night, was located at Racine, Wis., this morning.

Detroit. Nov. 22. A dispatch from Toronto, Ont., says the barrge Resolution from Erie, Pa, has been sunk near that city and six sailors are drowned.

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