200 Brookfield employees fight fire


Publication: The New Brunswick Times

New Brunswick, NJ, United States
no. 244, p. 3, col. 1




SPOTWOOD [sic] SPOTSWOOD, Oct. 20. It took 200 employees of the Brookfield Glass Company, which has a large plant near Old Bridge, to subdue a $35 fire in a nearby tenement house last Friday morning. The prompt action of the factory hands saved the dwelling, however, and saved a probable loss ranging from $4,000 to $8,000. The building in which the fire occured is an eight family tenement, owned by Perrine and Buckalew, of Jamesburg, and valued at about $4,000. A similar building stands twenty feet away, Each room is metal lined, which saved the houses. An overheated stove owned by a Polish family living on the first floor started the blaze.

William J. Arnold, a local contractor, will repair the damaged building, acting for the Penn Fire Insurance Co. of Philadelphia, Pa., which had the house insured through George W. DeVoe, of this place.

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