Brookfield has assesed value reduced


Publication: The Daily Times

New Brunswick, NJ, United States
no. 26, p. 1,7, col. 3,1-3



County Board Discusses Susquehanna

Coal Company Appeal

Siding Assessments Affirmed

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Several important decisions on tax appeals were announced at the final sitting of the county board of equalization yesterday afternoon and among them was that in the matter of taxing of 150,000 tons of coal stored by the Susquehanna Coal company at South Amboy. The board let this assessment stand.

The assessment on sidings at the rate of $1 a foot were not charged although two or three railroads filed an appeal thereon. The Pennsylvania road got a reduction on some of its property here wrongfully assessed, the Raritan River road was its station here and the Central railroad on its station at Perth Amboy.

A big slice was knocked off the assessment placed on the lands of the Susquehanna Coal company in Mason township, and on the water place property of Perth Amboy in this township the effects of which will be felt in the tax receipts of that township. The assessment on the local cemetaries was cancelled as being exempt, and several thousand dollars was cut off the assessment made upon the property of the New York and New Jersey Telephone company in North Brunswick township. The Western Union got a reduction in Piscataway township and the North Eastern Telegraph and Telephone company in East Brunswick.

The assessment on the physical culture scool property of Bernarr MacFadden in East Brunswick township was cut more than half, and a reduction of ten thousand made in the property of the Brookfleld Glass company in Sayreville.

Susquehanna Coal Tax.

The Susquehanna Coal company wanted the board to wipe out completely the assessment of $450,000; upon the 150,000 tons of coal at their coal depot in South Amboy on the ground that the coal was all sold upon its arrival there, and was only waiting vessels to transport it to its destination. The company's representative admitted at the hearing upon the appeal that an order received today for coal would also be taken out this pile of coal.

This coal had not been taxed in Pennsylvania, and the board concluded that it was taxable somewhere. South Amboy would lose $8,000 in taxes by the cancelling of the assessment, and the board after giving the matter full consideration decided that the assessment was a just one and should stand.

The coal company will probably take an appeal thereon to the State board.

Railroad Siding.

The Pennsylvania railroad filed several appeals on siding assessments on the ground that track in sidings was not worth $1 a foot as assessed but only 60 cents for sidings on ballast and 40 cents for sidings on trestle. They introduced proof showing that new sidings were worth but $1.08 a foot, and held that the dollar assessment was only god [sic] good on the main line where the roadbed in daily use and the sidings were equalized at $1 a foot.

The board refused to reduce the siding assessments and held the assessments against the P. R. R. for sidings of $15,000 in this city, $133,607 in South Amboy at their coal docks, $1,700 in Raritan township, $19,295 for the Sayreville township, $4,984 in South Brunswick township and $2,380 in Woodbridge township to be proper assessments.

The railroad asked that these assessments be reduced to the following amounts:

South Amboy, $81,484; Sayreville, $11,601; Woodbridge; $1,488; South Brunswick, $2,990 and in Raritan $1,020.

The New York and Long Branch railroad wanted a reduction made in the assessment of $2,200 upon 163 acres of land and 1,922 feet of siding in South Amboy, but the assessment was affirmed.


Brookfield Glass company, factory and 160 acres land, reduced from $44,100 to $30,000.

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