Brookfield lawsuit settled out of court


Publication: The New Brunswick Times

New Brunswick, NY, United States
p. 8, col. 2

But Two Cases

Left For Trial

Before Judge Lloyd

The Supreme Court action of Asbury Fountain against the Brookfield Glass Company which was listed for trial this week before Judge Lloyd, in the court house here, has been settled by the parties at interest. The action was one involving right of way over a piece of land on the road from South Amboy to Old Bridge.

The strip of land in question, about one hundred feet in width, lies between the Fountain property and the public road, and Mr. Fountain claimed three rights of way across the property, which the Brookfield people denied.

The money consideration accepted by Mr. Fountain has not been disclosed, but it is understood that the Westinghouse concern was back of the defendants in the action and that the settlement of this suit will lead to a big industrial development in the neighborhood.

Attorneys Russell E. Watson and John A. Coan represented the plaintiff, while the defendant company's interests was looked after by Attorneys Rose and Enright, both well known lawyers.

Want Struck Jury.

In the Supreme Court issue of Matthew Hermann against the Mexican Petroleum Company, the attorneys for the defense will move before Justice Bergen for a struck jury, and Judge Lloyd has put the same down, tentatively, for Monday, January 31, to permit such application to be made.

Attorneys Russell E . Watson and Freeman Woodbridge represented the plaintiff, while the law firm of McCarter & English are on the other side.

Two Cases Left.

The only cases left for trial by jury this week are No. 1 and No. 7, in the Circuit Court. The first is that of Catherine E. Force, administratrix, against the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company, and the other is that of Frank Kovacs against the Port Reading Railroad Company.

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